**PREORDER** Warrior Ashton Short Sleeve T-shirt

**PREORDER** Warrior Ashton Short Sleeve T-shirt

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**This is for a PREORDER of T-shirts**

Ashton is a true warrior in every sense.  When Ashton was 20 weeks in utero, ultrasounds showed that his gall bladder was larger than it should have been.  At 28 weeks, his parents were told that he has a congenital heart defect called VSD (ventricular septal defect).  Despite being prepared for an open heart surgery at 6 months of age, his parents were told at his 12 month check up that his VSD had closed on its own.  Imagine the relief his parent felt.
At 18 months of age, his mother noticed some concerning behavior with stiffening of arms.  After a 3 day stay in the hospital and in-depth testing, it was discovered that Ashton was seizing up to 100 times per day.  
He has a rare form of epilepsy called Lennox-Gastaut epilepsy. It is only 2% of all epilepsy diagnosis.
This amazing boy has not only conquered a congenital heart defect, intellectual disabilities, delays, hospital stays, and hundreds of doctors appointments. He is now conquering one of the worst forms of epilepsy!
I am so thrilled to say that with lots of med changes, and mixtures Ashton is living a “normal” life. He is able to play like a 3 year old boy, play with his siblings, and enjoy life “seizure free” with the help of only 2 seizure medications!
He still has plenty of neurology appointments, physical, occupational, and speech therapies, But his family couldn’t be more proud of their boy! He is in preschool at the board of DD and is thriving! Ashton is certainly one strong boy!

$10 from EVERY t-shirt sold will be donated to Ashton's family.

**We will be printing all of the t-shirts at one time.  Orders will be taken through March 31st, 2024 will processed all together. Once the order window closes, we will begin printing and shipping.**

T-shirts are unisex style and run true to size.  Please refer to the size chart for further information.  

We are able to print on infant and toddler size items.  If you desire the smaller size, please place your request in the special instructions box at check out.

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